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Our kids martial arts program was designed to reinforce the life lessons and positive attributes that you work so hard to instill.  In addition to self-defense, we will build on qualities such as focus, confidence, respect and discipline.  All this in a fun, safe and supportive atmosphere.  We have classes for everyone:

-Little Ninja’s      ages 3 & 4

-Kid Kicks          ages 5 & 6

-Juniors             ages 7-12

-teens & adults ages 7-70


Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels:

Little Ninjas (age 3 – 4)
Our smallest people have the mostest fun while they’re learning coordination, how to pay attention, and respect for others.
Kid Kicks (age 5 – 6)
This is our most popular class! The goal of this class is to teach basic karate skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. The kids have fun and the parents know they are learning how to focus themselves, becoming safer and getting exercise. We also teach safety and self-defense skills that are age-appropriate and fun.
Juniors Class (age 7 – 12)
The juniors classes are designed to benefit the students with improved physical fitness, instilling self-confidence and personal protection skills. The structure of the classes helps to provide students of this age with the mastery of self discipline. And – it’s just plain fun and exhilarating!
Teens (age 13 – 17)
Teen years are tremulous, but karate training can help smooth the rough spots with strenuous exercise, focus, self discipline, and self confidence that translates to any situation that a teen might find themselves in. Some of our teens are third degree black belts, having been with us since they were 5 years old. Other teens start training in high school, and quickly discover that practicing a martial art raises their self esteem and encourages a camaraderie with other students that surpasses that between common sports teammates.
Adults (age 17 – 78)
Younger adults find an excellent mix of conditioning, fitness and personal protection skills. Older adults – many of our students are in their 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s – are encouraged to be their personal best within whatever physical limits they have. The benefits of martial arts training as an adult are tremendous – conditioning, fitness, camaraderie, self confidence. Karate is one of the few “exercise programs” that actually engages your mind with your body.
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