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We study how children from birth to 12 years of age learn about and understand the world around them. To find out more about our studies, and how you and your child can participate, click on one of the labs below.

The Infant Cognition Center at Yale

Since 1990, our team has studied the development of infants and young children. Our research examines how babies reason and learn about their physical worlds (such as objects in their environment) and their social worlds (such as the people they interact with). None of this would be possible without the help of parents like you who generously volunteer their time to participate!

We currently have several studies designed for different age groups, for babies, toddlers, and preschool age children ranging from 5 to 60 months old. Our studies are designed to be fun for your children, and they are absolutely risk-free. Visits last about 30 minutes, with time included to explain the study to parents and to accustom children to their new environment. Babies watch either short puppet shows, games, or videos involving objects or people. We simply monitor babies’ natural responses to these events.

Through these studies, we are able to better understand the knowledge and abilities of infants. We schedule appointments for a time that is convenient for you. We also provide free parking and free in-center babysitting for any brothers and sisters!

Want to learn more? Visit the Our Studies section for descriptions of some of the studies we’re doing in the lab right now. This section also has links to some of our stimuli. Feel free to call the lab at 203-436-1415 for more information, or email us at We hope to hear from you!!!

The Social Cognitive Development Lab 

We study how children interpret the world around them. We believe our research has great educational value as we learn more about the way in which children develop a sense of fairness and gratitude, an understanding of complex emotions, and feelings about different groups.

Mind and Development Lab

At the Mind and Development Lab, we study how young children think and reason about the world around them. The exact details of our studies vary, but all of them are designed to be like fun, simple games. Your child might play with some objects and toys, or draw some pictures, while interacting with a friendly researcher.

Children are always encouraged and praised for their help with our projects, and at the end of our study, we give them a prize as thanks for their participation.

Cognition and Development Lab

We run our research studies at schools, museums, via video chat, and in our own lab space on Yale’s campus. All of our studies are designed to be fun games that allow us to learn new things about how children in general reason and learn. In other words, your child will be among the first children to ever participate in our tasks, and your child’s participation helps advance the science of child development. (This is in contrast with labs that do testing and evaluation with tasks that thousands of other children have already done, and where you can therefore receive a report on how your child compares to other children.)

If you are interested in bringing your child to Yale to participate in one of our studies, you can sign up at or contact us with any questions at

If you are interested in participating online, you can see more information at

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