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Animal Embassy connects people of all ages with the natural world through: 

  • School Enrichment Programs
  • After-School Program
  • School Vacation Programs
  • Summer Camp Programs      
  • Library Programs         
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Events 

Birthday Parties

Animal Embassy’s birthday party programs are:
  • Entertaining
  • Highly interactive 
  • Hands-on
  • Educational
Animal Embassy offers a live animal experience that your child will not soon forget! Bring your party to life with an age appropriate selection of live, exotic animals and wildlife artifacts. Take an adventure around the world with exotic Animal Ambassadors representing a variety of habitats from around the globe. Children are encouraged to touch or handle animals and artifacts as they learn of the incredible attributes that allow these diverse creatures to thrive in their natural environments.

Amazing Animal Ambassadors 

Fee: $275.00 for up to 15 children 

$5.00 for each additional child 
Maximum: 24 children 
Meet 8 of our live Animal Ambassadors from around the world as we discover how important each animal is to its habitat. We’ll get eyeball-to-eyeball with a chinchilla, a snake, frogs, lizards, turtles and more. Children will be amazed as they watch tree frogs from the rainforest, or from as far away as Australia, climb up a wall! They will be delighted as Argentina, the South American chinchilla, sits upon their shoulders. The birthday child, who will have special opportunities to interact with the
animals, might even learn to feed a banana to a baby tortoise! We encourage hands-on participation, so all birthday guests will get hands-on time with select Ambassadors. Our programs are age-appropriate, fun-filled and educational! For ages 2 and up.

Extreme Animals!  

Fee: $500 
Maximum: 35 children 
Be face to face with 8 of our larger and most enigmatic Animal Ambassadors. Learn about endangered species with Okeechobee the American Alligator, meet Tango, the Argentine Black & White Tegu and discover some amazing adaptations with a large python or tortoise. Meet fascinating frogs such as a Red-eyed tree frog, a Blue poison dart frog or an African bullfrog (the second largest species in the world!). For the softer side of nature, interact with a family of South American chinchillas, or Clover, our Flemish Giant rabbit. Only the most dynamic animals will meet and greet your birthday guests. The birthday child will have special opportunities to interact with the animals and all birthday guests will get hands-on time with select Ambassadors. Can be adapted for all ages. This is a party that will be talked about for years to
come! This package is available for small or large parties, for any number of children up to 35 (required for parties with 25 or more children). Please note: we cannot guarantee specific animals due to program and feeding schedules, behavior and other restrictions 

Presentations are 45-60 minutes.

Travel Fee: for select areas outside of Stamford, CT
School Assemblies & Workshops – we come to you! 
Animal Embassy offers a wide variety of hands-on educational experiences for students of all ages. From pre-school through university, our popular program offerings allow students to connect with the natural world through live animal visits, wildlife artifacts and interactive experiences. Our programs, presented by professional educators, align with science curriculum standards and can be tailored to meet specific curriculum goals. Sample topics include: Animal Adaptations, Animal Classifications, Metamorphic Mystery, Biodiversity and many more. We offer themes related to diversity, lifecycles, habitats and conservation.

Animal Embassy has the unique ability to:

  • Bring science-based, live animal experiences to classrooms
  • Provide interactive programming that brings science curriculum “to life” for students
  • Engage students in their studies by allowing hands-on time with living examples of their curriculum
  • Help students to appreciate the diversity of life on Earth with an extraordinary variety of live Animal Ambassadors
  • Encourage critical thinking by facilitating students to recognize the similarities and appreciate the differences in all living things


Animal Embassy is USDA licensed and insured

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