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The goal of KOMBIDO is to provide the individual with a path to develop their own ability to defend themselves and the ability to strengthen their mind, body, and spirit. KOMBIDO is literally the “way of combination”. The combination is not simply a combination of Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi but instead is a combination of martial arts fundamentals such as stance, blocks, strikes, and foot maneuvers along with strategic timing, distancing, entering, trapping, and take downs. The focus is on combining an individuals skills with an ever expanding learned skill set to provide them with an effective and efficient form of self defense. The goal is also to help the individual find balance through practice and wisdom.

KOMBIDO provides the student with physical balance through stance and foot maneuver practice as well as partner practice. Mental balance is achieved as the student learns how to make proper self defense decisions in a short period of time. Finally, spiritual balance is achieved as we discern right from wrong while freeing ourselves from the chains of doubt, fear, disbelief, and low self esteem.

KOMBIDO is also the combination of students willing to learn with the courage to try new things and the perseverance to overcome the challenges of learning physical skills that they are not used to.

In the end, KOMBIDO is a combination of all of these things – creating a family of martial artist that share their challenges, their victories, and their faith.


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