Great American Eclipse


Build your own eclipse viewer!

A Cereal Box
Piece of heavy-duty foil
Piece of white cardboard cut to fit in the bottom of the cereal box (for easier viewing)
Paper to cover the cereal box
Markers/Pictures used for the design of the box
Tape or glue



  1. Empty your cereal box including the inner paper that held the cereal.Cut a white piece of cardboard that will fit snugly in the bottom of the box, or secure it permanently by gluing it in place.
  2. Cut the top of the cereal box, removing both ends and leaving the center in tact.
  3. Put a piece of tape across the center of the top to securely hold it closed.
  4. Tape a piece of heavy duty foil or double a single layer for additional strength ,covering one of the openings at the top of the cereal box.
  5. The other opening will remain open for viewing.
  6. Using a small nail (approximately 3mm in diameter) push a hole in the foil.
  7. The actual size is not a critical issue; you can experiment with different sizes and shapes.

The finished box should be held with the pin-hole side facing the sun. It may take a little practice pointing the box. With your back facing the sun, look through the viewing opening. A small image of the sun, about ½ cm in diameter can be seen projected on the white paper inside the box.



Click here for more eclipse details from NASA 

Never look directly at the sun!!!!